We believe the open system allows you to relax in private for a greater release.

Temple Colonics & Wellness understand gut health and how to improve yours.

Our clinic holds the highest standards in Colonic Hydrotherapy with it’s “Angel of Water” Open System approved by both the TGA and FDA. We are the only colonic’s clinic in Noosa and surrounding areas trained and certified for this system.

Our open system allows you to self-insert a pencil thin tube in complete privacy. Gravity fed, temperature regulated water then flows into your colon and hydrates it, dislodging compacted waste. We believe this allows for a much greater release as you relax in private.

Your practitioner will always be close by if needed and can assist you with any questions or issues you may have during your treatment.

We understand professionalism, care, comfort and safety is important to you. This is the reason we have implemented the very best and most effective system with highly trained therapists to deliver you the ultimate gut health wellness.

For more information please watch the YouTube video Discovering Colon Hydrotherapy (Please note, this video uses a different open system).

Our FAQ page may also help with common questions –

Please feel free to call 0499 540 909, we’re happy to help 🙂

Temple Colonics Noosa Colon Hydrotherapy


All colonic treatments include a complimentary probiotic drink to begin replenishing your beneficial bacteria.

Your initial treatment requires a minimum of three sessions. Your colon is approximately as long as you are tall and having only one initial treatment will just hydrate the end of your bowel. Having at least three sessions close together will allow the cleanse to progress deeper in the large intestine and remove accumulated waste, toxins, parasites and bacteria.

Introduction Pack

$2853 sessions
  • Includes initial consultation

Single Session

  • Individual repeat treatments

3 Colonics Saver

$270SAVE $15
  • Maintain your gut health

5 Colonics Saver

$425SAVE $50
  • Deep clean your colon

12 Colonics Saver

$970SAVE $170
  • For yourself or share with family

“I’ve had 5 colonics sessions and am enjoying the difference in my body. My head feels clearer, I’m less tired – more energised and my skin looks brighter. It’s great having Temple Colonics close to home, it’s so handy to pop over just for the sauna too. Thanks Katya, I look forward to more sessions and am so grateful for your help with my detox journey :)”

Julie Hethrom

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